experiencecountsThank you for paying us a visit here at YourDallasHouse.com. Here you’ll discover that we really do believe that the real-estate experience is all about you. Your Needs. Your Plans. Your Objectives. Your Outcomes. Your Family.


It’s not about us and that is a fact lost on many “look-at-me” real-estate agents in today’s market.

The map on the left shows a portion of the almost 1000 families we have helped. In this business EXPERIENCE counts.  With our experience we know how to help YOU accomplish YOUR goals.

Also, you can check out the DFW Lifestyle tool – where you can map out everything in an area that is important to YOU. Or use our Search for Homes tool to start looking for homes on YOUR terms. As always, we are ready to do everything possible to get you the outcome you want while representing your needs to the fullest. The expertise and track record that we bring to bear on this is extensive. More importantly, how we feel about our clients and their needs are even stronger.

If you’re anything at all like the rest of our clients, you’ll like that very much.  Shown below are a few testimonials from some clients.

The Kofahl Team 5 out of 5 based on 27 ratings. 27 user reviews.
The Kofahl Team
Jeff was extremely knowledgeable about the process and made things very easy and efficient.  You did a wonderful job.